Research shows that online stores do better by directing traffic to landing pages instead of home or product pages. Dedicated landing pages prompt more sales by matching visitor intent and providing a clear path to purchase. 
On average, eCommerce Landing pages convert at 3.5% but high performing pages can convert up to 25%. No matter your current landing page conversion rate follow these simple steps to increase its performance.

Unbounce Conversion Rate by Ecommerce Type Graph
Credit Unbounce

Keep your message consistent

Keep your messaging from ad to landing page consistent. The chances of the users feelings that he landed in the right place are reinforced with the matching message which (hopefully) also matched his search query.
It’s not unusual for us to see a 25% to 50% increase in conversion once we match the messages.

A good example is this Wix landing page builder ad and landing page.

Wix ad
Wix Ad Landing Page
Wix Landing Page with message match

Keep it Simple

“People have very short attention spans so simple language is always best. Unclear or complex messages create friction for the consumer, and every moment of friction is another chance for them to bounce. Try drilling deeper into the benefit your product provides to your consumer. Remember, you’re not really selling a product, you’re selling the result.”

Victoria Fryer – BigCommerce

Product pages are optimized for SEO and organic traffic, landing pages don’t have to be and can be focused on one thing: conversion.
Keep the content simple, short, and, precise to focus on your one goal and avoid jargon and hard to read words.

The three main ingredients are:

Focus: Your headline should be focused on one topic.
Relevance: Your headline should directly relate to your offer and CTA.
Benefits: Get to your unique selling proposition (USP) quickly.

Twillory does this really well.

Twillory Landing Page
Focused, Relevant, and list of benefits.

Be Positive

Recent research shows that e-commerce pages use 103% more disgust words than the industry benchmark and there is no correlation to a positive conversion rate increase. On the other hand, positive words that trigger the emotions of joy and anticipation do correlate to a higher conversion rate. Don’t be afraid to set your users’ expectations by build anticipation in headlines and CTAs and include happy and joyful testimonials and words throughout your copy.

Farm-Grown USA Landing Page
Free the Funk Landing Page
Anticipation build in CTA

Be Clear

Your focus of the landing page is your one goal, the conversion, don’t allow for any distraction and make it clear as to what the user should do next.

  • Use headings, bullet points, and, clear CTAs.
  • Remove or reduce Navigation menus.
  • Use more than one CTA that all focus on the one goal.

See how Liv does this on this landing page.

Liv landing page - clear purpose
Liv landing page – clear purpose

Start implementing the above tips and you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

Ready to create your own landing page? Use Unbounce or Instapages to create custom landing pages without any coding required.