What is CRO?

CRO stands for “Conversion Rate Optimization.” At its core, CRO is about increasing the percentage of site traffic that converts into sales. Historically, CRO efforts have focused on analyzing site traffic patterns and back-end code, and then developing strategies and tactics to increase both the number of visitors who make a purchase and the dollar values of their orders.

At Raze, our approach to CRO encompasses all that and much more. We view CRO as an tool to optimize not only your conversions, but your entire customer experience as well. From online ads to post-purchase customer support, we analyze how your customers and prospects engage with every part of your organization, and how to better support their experience through every step of the process.

Do you guarantee an increase in sales?

No. And be wary of any company that does. The hard-truth is that factors beyond the reach of optimization efforts could be hindering your sales. While our customers have seen uplifts as high as 70%, those kinds of results are never guaranteed. What we do guarantee is a thorough analysis and detailed recommendations for improvement, optimization and growth

Do you require a minimum amount of site traffic for testing and optimization?

To run a successful testing program, your site must have a minimum of 300 conversions per month. For a
continual testing program to have a significant impact, your site should generate approximately $1 million in monthly sales.

For sites that do not yet generate this kind of traffic and sales, we recommend opting for one of our audits to identify specific areas for optimization enhancements.

What is the minimum engagement time I must commit to?

Audits require no further engagement commitment and have guaranteed delivery of 2–4 weeks, depending on the type of audit you’ve chosen.

Retainer-based engagements require an initial conversion research period of 2–4 weeks, followed by a minimum three-month testing period. If we’ve already conducted an Audit for your site, the initial conversion research period is not necessary.