1. Research

We begin by understanding your company and your customers. Through extensive qualitative and quantitative research, we’ll uncover what motivates your prospects, what brought them to you, how they engage with your site, and what points of friction they encounter.

Our Methodologies include:

  • Quantitative surveys with new and repeat customers
  • Heatmap and clickmap tracking
  • Scrollmap tracking
  • Abandonment surveys
  • Usability testing
  • Analytic tracking analysis
  • Cross-channel analysis

2. Analyze

Based on the research data, we’ll create detailed profiles for each of your customer personas – who they are, what they’re looking for, emotional and psychological motivations for purchase, and hypotheses for what will help maximize cart values, acquisition and retention. We’ll also identify site problems causing path-to-purchase friction and leaking your revenue.

3. Optimize

With our customer-focused and data-informed insights, we’ll create a prioritized approach to optimizing conversion and growing your business. Here, we’ll become an extended member of your team, working with your designers, writers, developers and customer service representatives to maximize your acquisition strategies, growth marketing campaigns and customer retention efforts.

4. Test

Utilizing controlled A/B testing, we’ll evaluate the effectiveness of multiple treatment hypotheses for each of your site’s identified problem areas. Our stringent testing methodologies ensure reliable, actionable data with external factors always taken into account.

Tests are run for a minimum of 2–4 weeks to ensure validity. Based on post-test analysis, findings and recommendations are presented, feeding into the next round of optimization and testing. It’s an iterative process leading to cumulative lifts over time, and a proven methodology for maximizing conversion and growth.